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Section 17-3-13

Compensation increases.

(a) A county commission, upon the adoption of a resolution, may increase the per diem compensation paid to each member of the county board of registrars without the necessity of enacting a local law of authorization, provided that no state funds shall be used for such additional compensation.

(b) As an alternate to subsection (a), beginning October 1, 2006, each member of the county board of registrars may receive the same cost-of-living increases in compensation that are granted to county employees by a county commission at the time of the adoption of the county budget. The increases shall be in the same amount or percentage, as the case may be, as that amount or percentage increase provided to county employees. Notwithstanding the foregoing, any percentage increases shall be calculated based upon the salary or compensation provided under general law and shall not include any current or future local supplements granted to a member of the county board of registrars by local law. Any increases granted pursuant to this section shall be terminated upon the appointment of a new member, who shall be entitled to increases to his or her base salary or compensation commencing on the October 1 immediately following his or her appointment.

(c) A supplement under this section can only occur one time after which legislative approval must be obtained.

(Act 2006-597, p. 1634, §§1-3; §17-4-153.1.)
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